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Support packages for micro-sized businesses and startups

Welcome to your I.T. department.

What does your business need to grow tomorrow?

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What’s it for?

Even the smallest of businesses need strong I.T. in order to succeed. Every business needs a digital presence these days and you might be wondering where to even start with the cloud. Plus, GDPR presents new challenges when it comes to security and compliance.

If you’re wondering how to do that: we do it.

And, we provide technical support, repairs and call-outs, not to mention a friendly voice and no-jargon speak.

What's included?

  • Office 365
  • Web Site Development
  • Systems Security
  • Backup & Restore
  • Technical Support

Is it for my business?

Our services are specifically designed for micro-sized businesses only. Whether you are just thinking about starting out, or are already established with no more than 9 employees, we have a package to suit you. And your budget!

Get in contact with us to discuss your I.T. needs and see how we can make a difference, freeing you up to get on with building your empire.

Ready to find out more?

Let's talk business. Your business.

Our range of support packages are almost ready to launch. But if you would like to find out more about how we can help your business, get in touch with us now and let’s talk.

You’ll be the first to hear about our packages as soon as they are ready.

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