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Rogue Traders: Click 4 PC and Click Computers – we’re not them!

I’ve just watched the BBC Watchdog episode where Rogue Traders reveal the appalling service offered by I.T. repair firms, Click 4 PC and Click Computers. Only one word describes what was uncovered: astounding!

Data Protection?

The episode features a call-out by one of these rogue companies, that visit the home of an elderly gentleman and quote a repair price of £400 for a hard drive jumper error. Frustratingly, had this customer used Berserk Computers, his repair bill would have been a mere £24 for the service to have been carried out at his home! To add to the problem, the company replaced the customer’s hard drive with a “new” one, which on closer inspection was found to be second-hand and contained data belonging to the previous owner. It was also found to contain a pirated installation of Microsoft Office.

In the case of another customer, a woman was advised that as her computer was five years old, it should be replaced. Nonsense! I’ve worked with computers much older than five years that still work perfectly well and will continue to do so for a number of years. Whilst it’s true that some components can begin to show signs of wear and tear, this is not representative of the fact that they can be replaced for a low cost and the computer itself will still be in suitable condition. She was assured that her data would be transferred from her old computer to the new one. Unfortunately, this customer’s data was lost!

As the director of an I.T. business myself, I’m shocked that another I.T. business would even contemplate using second-hand or refurbished components, never mind not ensuring that data protection regulations had been followed. It is a policy of Berserk Computers only to supply components to our customers that are purchased new from reputable suppliers that meet our high standard of reliability. I also ensure that my customer’s data is recognised as having extremely high importance and is therefore treated as such. In all instances where work is carried out that could jeopardise the integrity of your data, a full and thorough backup is made. Berserk Computers will even provide you with backup media if required to ensure data is not lost at any time, free of charge. It is also outrageous that this company supplied the customer with pirated software, another policy of Berserk Computers, which forbids me from doing this. Pirated software is not only illegal, it also increases the risk for potential malware infections from untrusted installation sources.

Commission-based sales

I was particularly shocked at the pricing mechanisms employed by these two companies, which whilst they advertise themselves as “No Fix = No Fee”, the managing director was filmed directing his employees to always seek a sale and where no money was generated, this was considered depressing. His employees were directed to aim for a figure of at least £120 per customer to generate a sufficient commission but had autonomy to charge any amount they considered appropriate. As such, his “field engineers” actively advised customers wrongful information to encourage higher commission!

One aspect that I strongly consider sets Berserk Computers apart from my competitors, is that this business is open, honest and straightforward with the prices that I charge for each of my services. This gives my customers a clear understanding from the outset what their bill is likely to be with no hidden charges, fees leading to a nasty surprise. From time to time, things cannot be repaired or Berserk Computers simply does not provide the service required and this is an acceptable enough reason for me not to levy any charges on the customer. My No Fix, No Fee policy means exactly that.

Customer Service

Finally, customer care is high on the agenda for Berserk Computers. No business will survive or grow with a poor reputation for not looking after its customers effectively. Feedback from customers is strongly valued, appreciated and acted upon, whether it be good or bad. Click 4 Computers and Click Computers are not I.T. repair companies that are representative of other I.T. firms and along with my shock, horror, outrage and frustration at these appalling levels of service, I am proud to say that none of what was highlighted in BBC Watchdog is reflective of Berserk Computers – thankfully!

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