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#QuoteOfTheMonth: November 2018

This week, Apple announced a refresh to their Mac mini range, with the top spec machine coming with a huge 64 GB of memory. Computers use memory to store temporary information, like details of the programs you are running or information that you type in that’s then displayed on screen.

The more memory your system has, the more applications it can run at the same time. The operating system, like Windows or macOS, also runs in memory and will use up a good chunk of it at best. When your system starts to run low on free memory, it’s time to start closing some programs or your system will start to feel slow or unresponsive. Today, most computers still only come with somewhere between 4 GB and 8 GB of memory, so 64 GB is huge by comparison. That makes for a lot of multi-tasking!

So, for our Quote of the Month for November, we’ve chosen this rather funny quote from an unknown author, taking a stab at memory and imagination.

The quote selected is:

Computers have lots of memory but no imagination.

Fits quite nicely with this week’s news, don’t you think?

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