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It’s a premium bit of equipment with plenty of life and power to see you through studying, work or just for leisurely use! With a battery still capable of delivering up to 4 hours, the Air is one of the best ultra-portable laptops and our refurbished model is an opportunity to save substantially over newer models. If you want it, you better be quick!

Original genuine Apple charger and OEM box are included.

Approx. 4 hours battery life

90 Days Guarantee


Light weight, good battery life and its almost silent operation makes this laptop perfect for everyday computing needs on the go and will comfortably handle work, social and media needs without fuss. Plenty of storage and additional memory can be added if you need it.

Approx. 4 hour’s battery life.

90 Days Guarantee


Solid build quality with high quality components make this laptop feel incredibly quick and powerful. It’s an ideal workhorse that’s got a few miles on the clock but plenty of life left for whatever you’re ready to throw at it and runs Windows 10 beautifully.

Approx. 1.5 hour’s battery life.

90 Days Guarantee




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