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Millions of LinkedIn passwords potentially leaked online

A database containing millions of LinkedIn passwords has been published on a Russian forum. The passwords are encrypted, although they do supposedly belong to LinkedIn users.

The individuals that published the database seemingly were requesting help to decrypt the 6.5 million passwords that have been stolen. It is rumoured that 300,000 passwords have already been cracked. It appears that the database only contains the passwords and not the associated usernames, although security experts are warning that criminals could already have these details.

LinkedIn have not yet made comment on the rumours but posted an update on their web site saying, “our team is currently looking into reports of stolen passwords”.

Change your password

Meanwhile, users of LinkedIn are being strongly advised to change their password as a precaution. If you use the same password for different services, it is advised that you change the password for those services too and avoid using the same password more than once.

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