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Google Account Verification Scam

There’s an e-mail circulating to Google users to thank them for updating their recovery e-mail address with one that’s purposely wrong. The sole intention of the e-mail is to make users follow a link to a fake site that asks for your Google account details, including your password. The e-mail further goes on that your account will be suspended if the details are incorrect and is signed from “Gmail!“.

This e-mail is a hoax and should be deleted. Don’t follow the link and don’t enter your account details. Bear in mind, your Google account gives you access to sites like YouTube, Google+, Google Docs and Google Checkout. Read more about the scam here

Beware of these type of phishing scams and check things like the web site address before you enter personal details. Up-to-date web browsers and security software can detect scams like this, so make sure you have the latest updates installed for your PC.

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