Transferring photos and videos from an Android phone to a Mac. Or from an iPhone to a PC.

29/06/2018 20:41 By Lhyam

I get asked this question a lot - how to transfer photos from an Android phone to a Mac. Or, how to transfer photos from an iPhone to a Windows PC? Apple don't make it easy either and often try to direct you to purchase more of their products to make it seamless. However, it's actually quite straightforward using PhotoSync.

In this article, we're going to look at transferring from Android to Mac. However, you can also follow the steps for iPhone to PC.

How does it work?

PhotoSync makes a connection between your phone and your computer using Wi-Fi. Both devices have to be connected to the same network in order for it work. Some antivirus programs might block the connection, in which case, you will need to adjust the firewall settings. However, this isn't an issue with the built-in macOS Firewall or Windows Firewall.

Getting Started

1) Install the apps

There's two parts to this:
  • Install PhotoSync on the phone you want to transfer from
  • Install PhotoSync on the computer to accept the transfer
To download on your smartphone, open the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for PhotoSync. Then install. It's free for Android users but at the time of writing, it costs £0.79 for iOS users. 

Next, you will want to download the desktop program for PhotoSync as well. This is free for both Windows & Mac users and can be downloaded from PhotoSync's web site.

2) Connect to Wi-Fi

Make sure both your phone and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If your computer is connected via Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi, this is okay too.

3) Start PhotoSync on your computer

Now that you've installed PhotoSync on both your computer and your smartphone, go ahead and open the app on your computer. The PhotoSync icon will appear in the notification area on your computer and looks similar to the Wi-Fi icon but with a small camera underneath. This tells you that PhotoSync is running and ready to receive.

Transferring photos from your phone

Now that we're ready, go ahead and open PhotoSync on your phone. PhotoSync will automatically load the photos from your gallery. Follow through these next steps to actually transfer your images now.

1) Select your photos

Tap on to the photos that you would like to transfer. Your selection will be marked with a red tick.

2) Click the Sync button

At the top right of the screen, click on the Red button with the two arrows. You should see a screen similar to the one below.

Tap on Selected. This will only transfer the photos you have selected in the previous step. You can of course transfer All if you prefer. In future, you would simply select New to only transfer new photos taken since your previous transfer.

3) Choose destination

We want to transfer the images to our computer. So, tap on the Computer option to find yours.

4) Choose your computer

You should see your computer listed, if you've done everything right so far. Simply tap on it to start the transfer.

If your computer isn't showing up, check your Wi-Fi settings. You need to be connected on both devices to the same network. Make sure PhotoSync is open on your computer. You can also try restarting the PhotoSync app on your computer.

5) Wait

Depending on how many images you have chosen to transfer, you should see the status on your phone and on your computer.

6) Finish

Once your transfer is complete, your photos might display automatically. If they don't, click on the PhotoSync icon and then click Transfers to: Folder to open the location.

If you're using macOS, you can also open the Photos app and simply drag your transferred images in to the Photos Library if you want to sync it with your iCloud account.

You can also adjust the Preferences to automatically import your images to the Photos Library.

You will also see from this menu the option to Send Photos/Videos. This allows you to transfer images from your computer to your smartphone.

Changing your settings

Open the Preferences from the notification icon. 

I recommend you start PhotoSync with your computer to allow a seamless transfer quickly.

You can also change the location of where PhotoSync saves your transferred images.

As you can see, PhotoSync makes it pretty easy to transfer images between your phone and your computer, regardless of your choice of devices. 

Cross-platform is what I like!