We're proud to be different and remind ourselves everyday of why we exist and how we conduct ourselves

11/10/2018 19:30 By Lhyam
We love helping people get the best from their I.T., whether you're a home user or a small business owner. It's our passion as well as our profession!

Everyday, we remind ourselves why we are here with our purpose and our core values printed loudly on the wall behind us. We're proud to be different from our competition and we set ourselves challenges to constantly deliver the best service to our customers. It's probably what made us South Ayrshire's first Trusted Trader for computer repair and computer support services.

Our mission is to empower individuals and local businesses with I.T. that is within their means, matches their needs - not ours, through inspiring, enhancing and supporting the local community by making a positive difference to the I.T. support sector.

We aim to REACH our mission through the values of:
  • RESPECT - we make no assumptions and recognise that our customers are human beings too.
  • EXCELLENCE - we are passionate about what we do and take pride in our abilities and in our work.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - we're professionals and we recognise the impact from what we do so we minimise risk.
  • COLLABORATION - we tailor our service to understand your needs and provide the I.T. that is right for you.
  • HONESTY - we do as we say as a minimum but never over-promise and never under-deliver.

Having a mission statement and values is just the beginning. Understanding and actually delivering on these statements is what matters. So, we set ourselves strong targets and challenges to ensure that we're meeting those objectives and we benchmark ourselves on the feedback from our customers. Things that we do, include:
  • ETHICAL TRADING - we commit to treating our customers and our suppliers fairly and respectfully.
  • ETHICAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES - we routinely check and test what we're providing to ensure our products and services are reliable, fit for purpose and to build trust with our customers.
  • ETHICAL WORKPLACE - we look after our staff with fair pay and conditions, and ensure our premises are bright, welcoming and comfortable to everyone.
  • ETHICAL CAMPAIGNING - we hate seeing vulnerable customers being mislead so we take steps to ensure a fairer and safer marketplace for consumers and reputable businesses alike

So, when we say "you're in good hands", we really do mean it!
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