Berserk Computers supports local Kilmarnock charity with NWKLEUS

12/10/2018 17:00 By Lhyam


The centre of North West Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock North West Community Partnership (KNWCP) is a local charity that aims to take over the management and operation of a community centre.

Led completely by volunteers, the team are in the midst of a 5-year asset transfer from East Ayrshire Council for Onthank Community Centre. As part of the asset transfer, the charity is required to have a sustainable business plan in place and this is where Berserk Computers will offer support.

Our Managing Director, Lhyam Sumal, has joined the Board to support the team with business planning with the aim for the charity to become a self-sustainable enterprise. In fact, it was Berserk Computers that pitched the name NWKLEUS to the Board of Trustees, which was then accepted as the new name of the community centre.

Berserk Computers looks forward to a partnership with KNWCP and as part of the deal, will supply the charity with its web site, graphics design, digital marketing, e-mail marketing and internal communications system.

Our business support will be to ensure the community centre is able to meet its financial obligations whilst remaining affordable to local residents, vulnerable groups, children and the elderly. We have explored new revenue stream avenues and marketing opportunities to increase the footfall within the centre, as well as maximising the facilities on offer. 

NWKLEUS, pronounced as 'nucleus', plays on the definition of, " being the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth", whilst paying homage to the centre's geographical location in north west Kilmarnock.

The charity recently chose its new logo, following a competition held within three of the local primary schools, where pupils submitted over 500 entries with designs based on this definition.

UPDATE: The web site for the charity is now live at This web site was designed using Google Sites, after we implemented G Suite Basic for Non-profits. This is enterprise-grade tools that are available free of charge to the charity and offer a simple intuitive way for trustees to manage the web site on their own going forward.