We're proud to be different and remind ourselves everyday of why we exist and how we conduct ourselves

11/10/2018 19:30 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
We don't just repair computers - we actually care about the work that we do and we recognise the impact that I.T. issues have on our customers.

SCAM ALERT: IP Location is Mountain View, California

03/08/2018 17:34 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
This type of scam involves cold-calling customers and tricking them in to believing their IP address has been taken over by a malicious party.

We're Ayrshire's first Trusted Trader computer repair company!

09/03/2018 22:25 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
Berserk Computers is Ayrshire's first and only computer repair company to be recognised as a Trusted Trader by South Ayrshire Council's Trading Standards, as of 9th March 2018.

Protect your data from ransomware with Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10

27/11/2017 21:52 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
Protect your files from being encrypted by ransomware with Windows Defender's new Controlled Folder Access feature.
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