How to fix the no sound issue in Windows 10

23/05/2019 00:30 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
Resolve the issue with Windows 10 losing all sound until you next restart the computer.

How to save Apple Time Machine backups to cloud services like OneDrive

01/12/2018 19:28 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
Wouldn't it be handy to be able to use your cloud storage service for Time Machine backups? This article walks you through just that.

Berserk Computers supports local Kilmarnock charity with NWKLEUS

12/10/2018 17:00 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
Kilmarnock North West Community Partnership (KNWCP) is a local charity that aims to take over the management and operation of a community centre. Berserk Computers is delighted to lend business and I.T. support to this local initiative.

We're proud to be different and remind ourselves everyday of why we exist and how we conduct ourselves

11/10/2018 19:30 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
We don't just repair computers - we actually care about the work that we do and we recognise the impact that I.T. issues have on our customers.

SCAM ALERT: IP Location is Mountain View, California

03/08/2018 17:34 By Lhyam - Comment(s)
This type of scam involves cold-calling customers and tricking them in to believing their IP address has been taken over by a malicious party.
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