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Apple Phishing Scam: Update Your Account

An e-mail phishing scam is currently making the rounds purporting to have been sent by Apple asking users to confirm their account details and payment information.  The e-mail is sent with the subject title, “Update your account apple.

The scam, identified by Hoax Slayer, pretends to have been sent by Apple Support team and asks users to confirm their details to be able to log in to their account.

Here is a screenshot of the fake e-mail:

Apple Phishing Confirm Your Account E-mail
Image courtesy of Hoax Slayer


You should, of course, ignore and delete this e-mail.  Apple have published further information about fraudulent e-mails like this on their web site.

Those that fall for the scam will be directed to a bogus web site that mimics the appearance of the genuine Apple site and asked to enter their account sign in details, payment information and other personal details.

Apple Phishing Scam Confirm Your Account
Image courtesy of Hoax Slayer

Identifying phishing scams

It can be difficult to identify phishing scams, especially when the e-mail and any links to web sites appear genuine.

However, you can check simple things such as the e-mail address that the e-mail was sent from to verify whether the e-mail address appears genuine.  For instance, an e-mail from Apple would quite genuinely be sent from an e-mail address with the domain name

If you do click any links and are taken to a web site, check the web site address is pointed to a genuine domain.  Up to date web browsers having anti-phishing tools built in and can help detect fraudulent web sites like this particular scam.  Some anti-malware software can also monitor your Internet activity and detect such scams.

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