Berserk Computers

It is with a heavy heart to announce that I am closing the store at New Bridge Street, Ayr to pursue a new opportunity.

Ten years ago, I set up a part-time hobby business fixing computers, trading under the name of Berserk Computer Solutions. Prior to this, I had been working for Asda and had been since leaving school. Moving into the I.T. industry, or just getting out the supermarket world, was proving difficult and so I decided to go alone. It will be exactly five years ago that the store in Ayr opened and I recall my nervousness at moving from Glasgow to open a store in a town that I knew relatively little about at the time.

In that five years, not only did I feel welcomed, but more than 4,000 systems have been serviced in some way and I am grateful for the appreciation, support and custom from each and every single client. Ayr has been an amazing place to set up business and I am sad to be leaving the town, my clients, and the passers-by that just wave in the windows!

Last month, an opportunity presented itself which was unexpected but very exciting. I agonised over the decision for weeks but eventually decided that moving on is the best option. Killing a business that was successful seems almost sacrilege but sadly, time is not on my side to consider selling or hiring and training someone else to maintain what Berserk Computers came to mean: empowering individuals and local businesses with I.T.

This leaves the only option to close. My final day of trading is Friday, 4th March before completely vacating the store on 25th March. Whilst I imagine this might create some questions, below are some immediate answers:

    • Repairs outstanding: all current repairs booked in will be completed and systems returned prior to the store closing. If your system is ready but not yet collected, please call 01292 857506 to arrange this.
    • Warranties & guarantees: if you purchased a system from us, your warranty and rights will not be affected. Whilst the store is closing, the company is not going away so any issues arising can still be resolved by e-mailing
    • Business customers: a detailed handover can be provided of your current I.T. set up ready for passing on to a new company to maintain your systems. Please e-mail
    • Apple repairs: for any Apple-related repairs, my highly-skilled friend, Albrecht, runs Maccurate and can be contacted on 07852 513062.
    • ESET Antivirus: all accounts will be passed to ESET directly. When your renewal time comes round, ESET will contact you and your loyalty discount will still be honoured.

Only I had the best clients and I am evermore grateful for the support that you showed to my little company, that started off as a hobby and became a career. Berserk Computers is my life and thank you for the support and for being a part of this chapter.

Farewell and kind regards,

Lhyam Sumal